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April 2008

What’s New at the Vineyard

by Chris Mariscotti


awardsThe Vineyard Restaurant was awarded the Crystal Tower from the Madera County Compact. The Madera County Compact is an alliance between Madera County schools and the business community. The award is given in recognition of excellence for business and education partnerships. It is given annually to three businesses in Madera County.  We were nominated by Principal Ron Pisk and Evelyn Freschou, Madera High North for our long time efforts with the food service education program. For several years I’ve been on the advisory committee for their student run restaurant. We have also hosted many of the more interested students here at The Vineyard. They spend the day watching and learning how what they are learning in school applies in the real world. The students always enjoy the experience and several have applied for jobs here after. We are very grateful to have received this award. Our thanks to the Madera Compact and MUHS.

The Vineyard Restaurant was also awarded “The Best Madera Restaurant” by Fresno Magazine in the annual poll. Thanks  to the readers who voted to give us this award.


Are you interested in Madera County History? Do you like steaks? Slow Food Madera is having an event on April 12th that will appeal to you. Meet here at the restaurant, 605 South I St. at 9 AM.  We will board a bus and take a tour through the foothills of Madera County to visit this historic area. Noted historian Bill Coate will talk about the history of cattle raising and mining in the foothills. He will be joined by 5th generation Madera cattleman Neil McDougall who will explain why the foothills of Madera County are one of the best places in the West to raise cattle. The tour will end up here at the Vineyard for a lunch of locally raised grass fed steaks. Of course the lunch will include local wines. This event costs $55 a person. Tickets are available on the web at this address.


We try to introduce new menu items to our core of favorites to reflect the changing seasons. Take a look at our new menu on-line. Or better yet, come in and try it. Over the 30 years we have been operating, we have continuously evolved our menu. Our feeling is that our guest’s tastes are always changing. What we haven’t changed is our commitment to using high quality products and to using local products whenever available. Our first menu highlighted local fruits and nuts. 30 years later, we’re able to buy vegetables locally grown, year round.  Madera County has developed more and better wines. We’re able to buy poultry that is locally grown (Mary’s Chickens, ducks and turkeys). Some day we may be able to raise beef that is from Madera County. Yes, I know that Madera is one of the premier cattle raising areas in the United States. Slow FoodI am talking about beef that is entirely locally raised and butchered. I know of several cattlemen who are attempting to put together a business model to do that. Right now (March and April) we are serving delicious asparagus grown by Claudia Steiner. It couldn’t be more local; her farm is less than 2 miles away.


The next Madera Wine Trail, the "Spring Wine Trail Adventure", is May 17th and 18th. We will be open Saturday the 17th for lunch and dinner. Plan on beginning or ending your trail visit here. If you’re coming after the trail, I suggest reservations.  Give us a call.Mother's Day


Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Mother’s Day. Bring Mom here for supper from 2 till 7.  We’ll be serving your favorite dishes along with some new items to keep it interesting. I suggest reservations, especially if you’re bringing in a large group.  Call us @ 559 674 0923.


Thank you for your business these past 30 years.  We look forward to seeing you again.

Chris Mariscotti


The Vineyard Restaurant is located on the northwest corner of Highway 99 and Highway 145 on the south end of Madera. Our address is 605 South I St. Madera, CA 93637 - Tel: 559-674-0923 (google earth: Lat: 36°57'14.57"N & Lon: 120° 3'28.48"W).

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