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September 2009

What’s New at the Vineyard

by Chris Mariscotti

California Wine Month


Enjoy a wine from the local wineries of the Madera Vintners Association We feature local wines on our wine list. We have two wine events coming up. On Friday Sept 25th Steve and Cindy Schafer of the San Joaquin Wine Co will be pouring their wines for you to sample. Just come in for dinner and they will be happy to show off their delicious wines.

Our next winemaker’s dinner is October 22nd: we will be hosting Gary Agajanian here at the Vineyard Restaurantr. We will serve a Middle Eastern influenced dinner to accompany Gary’s wines. His tastings are always fun and he has some new wines he just released. Make reservations for the dinner now. Tickets and pricing are available from Agajanian Vineyards, call Kristiana at 449-448-0558 or information.


Delicious new items on our dinner menu! Our philosophy is to always introduce a few new menu items while keeping your favorites. On our latest menu we have three new dishes.

We are serving a locally grown Mary’s Chicken with a barbeque sauce made with pomegranate juice. The pomegranate juice, all local of course, gives a tang to the sauce that goes well with the blue cheese coleslaw with which it is iserved.

Another new chicken dish on our menu is Chicken Milanese: a chicken breast pounded out to ½ inch thick, dusted with bread crumbs and sautéed in olive oil. The chicken breast is served with a light tomato sauce and pasta.

The last new item is Cannelloni with Slow Cooked Beef. This is a pasta tube filled with beef that Hector cooks for hours with tomatoes and onions. The result is a intense rich flavor that is magical when served with the porcini mushroom cream ragout that is over the cannelloni.

Our appetizer of Figs wrapped with bacon is almost finished for the year. Our supplier, Kevin Herman says he can get us figs for about another month. So come in and get your fix now.

This weekend we will be serving Slow Roasted USDA Choice Prime Rib. That will be served with a baked potato and vegetables.


So in the current economic slowdown Hector (the chef) is only working 45-55 hours a week. He needs something to do in his spare time, so he has volunteered to teach at the Madera High School Kampus Kettle. The Kampus Kettle is an operation designed to teach interested students the realities of a foodservice career and give them some hard skills to take into the job world.

The students prepare and serve lunch every day. Hector has been going in two days a week and teaching the students new menu items and professional cooking techniques. The director of the Kettle, Evelyn Frechou is excited to have Hector working with the students and the teachers and staff of MUHS are excited to be eating Hector’s cooking.

Hector at MHS


As you know, we bake our own Italian Ciabatta bread here at the restaurant. We are happy to sell one loaf or several dozens. If you would like more than 5 or 6 please call us a day in advance. We sell the bread for $3 a loaf and our special olive spread, our tapenade, for $6 a pint.


If you get this newsletter you probably gave us you birthday and anniversary date with your e-mail address. If not reply to this and we’ll e-mail you a birthday gift good for a special on your celebration party.

As always we all thank your for your business and friendship.

Chris Mariscotti


The Vineyard Restaurant is located on the northwest corner of Highway 99 and Highway 145 on the south end of Madera. Our address is 605 South I St. Madera, CA 93637 - Tel: 559-674-0923 (google earth: Lat: 36°57'14.57"N & Lon: 120° 3'28.48"W).

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