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February 2006


What’s New at the Vineyard

Welcome to our occasional, informal newsletter. I hope you will find it interesting, fun and worth your time reading.

The Vineyard celebrated 28 years of business this past December 13th. In any business that is a milestone.  In the restaurant business that is exceptional.  Some studies claim that 60-75% of new restaurants don’t last more than 2 years. Thank you for your business.

wine glassWe enjoyed a year of big sales increases. Is that because Madera is growing? That probably has a lot to do with the increase. We like to think it is also because we are continually improving the restaurant and your dining experience. We love to hear you comments and suggestions.  We also like to hear ideas of what we should be offering.  I think that is one of the biggest reasons we’ve been around 28 years; we are always changing the restaurant. The menu, the building, the style of service and the hours are all components of the business that have evolved over the years to better serve our customers.

You don’t get to be 28 years old without having a great staff. One of the best servers has left after 6 years here. Kim Bilskey graduated from CSUF with a degree in nursing this past Dec 16th She immediately went to work at Valley Children's Hospital. Our (and your) loss is their gain. I know many of her regular customers are sad to see her go.

Valentine’s Day

dishSince this year Valentine’s Day is a Tuesday we thought we had better celebrate all weekend long! We’ll be offering our Special Dinners for Two on Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday nights. Come in and try Steak and Lobster for two or a beautiful Roasted Rack of Lamb for Two. We will also be serving a tender, buttery and just delicious American Kobe beef. These baseball cut top sirloins are from cattle that are cross bred between the Japanese Waygu and the Angus breeds. These are raised in Idaho and are typically older than other breeds of cattle when they are slaughtered. They have been very popular and everyone who has tried them has raved about them.  We’ll be serving our other popular menu items as well.

I suggest that you make reservations. Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year at the restaurant. The Saturday before is the Madera Vintners Association Wine and Chocolate Weekend. Why not taste some of Madera’s fine wines then come in for dinner?

You can e-mail for reservations at or call 559-674-0923.


As you may know we bake our own bread everyday. Usually we serve sourdough for dinner and a ciabatta for lunch. The sourdough is from a starter Clint Henson, the baker, made from grapes grown here at the restaurant. The ciabatta is an Italian style bread that is very moist and stays delicious for 2 or 3 days. We hope you enjoy them. We are happy to sell loaves to take home anytime.


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