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September 2006

What’s New at the Vineyard

by Chris Mariscotti

vineyard grapes 2


Join us next Friday night, Sept 1st, and listen to pianist Maynard Williams. Dr Maynard is well known throughout the Valley and played for years at The Daily Planet.  He will be playing from 5:30 to 9:30. Come by and enjoy his music with dinner or a cocktail

Sweetheart Martini

One of our most popular cocktails is the Sweetheart Martini.  This is Joel’s creation and he is willing to share it with you: 1 oz of Malibu, 1 oz of Midori, 2 oz of Sweet & Sour juice and 1 oz of Grenadine. Shake and strain into a Martini glass.

Sweetheart Martini

Wine List

We’ve been expanding our wine list. We now offer over 60 wines including some that we found on our recent trip to Walla Walla Washington. Walla Walla is an emerging wine area and has some very exciting wines and wineries. I was most impressed with the red blends, usually Cabernet Sauvignon and other Bordeaux varieties. I usually am not too excited about Merlot, but I was impressed with the Merlots from there.

Walla Walla itself is a great place to taste wines. The old downtown area is being restored and several of the wineries have small storefront tasting rooms. It is easy to walk to 8 to 10 tasting rooms within a few blocks. Just a short drive from downtown are several other wineries. All are staffed with pleasant, knowledgeable people, often owners and winemakers. It is much like the Napa Valley was 20 years ago. 

Mary’s Turkeys

On Oct 25th  we will be hosting a dinner showcasing old-breed, free range turkeys from Mary and Ric Pitman of Mary’s Turkeys. These unique and delicious birds are raised here in Madera County.  I will have more details in our next letter.


Growing outside the dining room are some beautiful old grape vines.  This year they are especially bountiful. The vines came from cuttings that were brought here from Lebanon. The variety is Tafie pronounced Tah-fie. I am told that means apple-like in Aramaic. I have also heard them referred to as “Christmas Grapes” and indeed some years they are still good for Christmas dinner. They are firm, crispy table grapes that get really large. In this picture they are still green, but will start to ripen and get a purple blush soon.

Vineyard Grapes Aug06

Heirloom Tomatoes

In years past Slow Food Madera and Lone Willow Farms have had their heirloom tomato tasting and dinner here at The Vineyard. This year the event will be held at Lone Willow Farm on the San Joaquin River near Firebaugh. For more information and tickets for the September 23rd event go to

Christmas Parties

Now is a good time to book your holiday party. If you are busy in December how about a night in November or January. Just not on Super Bowl Sunday.
Again, thank you for your business

Chris Mariscotti


The Vineyard Restaurant is located on the northwest corner of Highway 99 and Highway 145 on the south end of Madera. Our address is 605 South I St. Madera, CA 93637 - Tel: 559-674-0923 (Click on the street address to view the location with google earth)

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